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Camp Layout

Useful Do / Don't has a useful document for camp layout Do's and Don'ts:

Our camp layout in 2023

Seen in the drawing below are just the camp's structures, systems and vehicles. The rest of the space was taken by people's cars & RV's (95% occupancy!). The shade structure was about 60% full.

Camp Diagram

Note that while this diagram is straight, the actual plot was slightly curved but not enough to warrant representation in this diagram (see satellite photo further down).

Satellite photo


Proposed camp layout for 2024

Placement has placed us at 8:30 and C this year. 

Layout Option 1 - With Rented Showers
Layout Option 2 - With our own showers
Layout Option 3 - Tom Breen 28' Water Trailer

Where is 8:30 and C

Here's the BM page showing this year's map:

It looks like we're in front of a roundabout which could mean more traffic to our camp: