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Food Handling Checklist

Receiving the food

Bonanza will deliver the food on Monday of build week. They will deliver the food directly to our camp on the Playa.

To prepare for their arrival we'll need to perform the following tasks:

  1. Power up: Connect power to the kitchen container to start up the A/C, fridges and freezers.
  2. Clean: Thoroughly clean the fridges and freezers so they can receive food.
  3. Shelf Space: Make sure shelf space is ready for our dry goods.
  4. Tracking: Make available the Purchase Order so it can be compared with what's being delivered. If there are several purchase orders make sure they are all printed out. Make sure there are at least 3 copies, just in case somebody loses a set. The pages should be clearly numbered.
  5. Leadership: Make sure a kitchen lead is present to check all receivables match what was ordered. Verification should happen while the items are on the vendor's truck, so that if something is rejected, it doesn't have to leave their truck. And we do not want to accept something that was ordered by another camp.

WARNING: This should be done first to allow the delivery staff to leave. Do not attempt to sort the items into our fridges and/or shelves while the staff is unloading. The goal here is to make sure we received everything we ordered, and doing any other task may confuse everybody and result in mistakes and delays.

Sorting the food

As in previous years, food is sorted into specific days and marked for that day with the Chef's name and the day name and/or number. This should take place within the kitchen container as it is refrigerated, which means frozen goods won't thaw.

  1. Go through the daily kitchen schedule and count how many items belong to that day
  2. Use a fat permanent marker and mark: "Day 1 - Chef Mario" on a wide label (will be supplied), and apply to food item.
  3. If it is a sensitive perishable item (fish / seafood), handle first and refrigerate immediately.
  4. If it is a frozen item, immediately place it into a freezer. Frozen goods should be handled next.
  5. All dry goods should be handled last.